Bugatti to unveil fifth Legends car in Beijing

Bugatti to reveal fifth Legends car in Beijing

New Bugatti Legend celebrates Type 18 ‘Black Bess’, one of the firm’s most important pre-war cars

The fifth model in the six-part Bugatti Legends series has been revealed ahead of its debut at the Beijing motor show next week.

For this penultimate model, Bugatti has taken inspiration from its Type 18, one of the firm’s most important pre-war models. Powered by a 5.0-litre four-cylinder in-line engine with 99bhp and a top speed of 100mph, Bugatti says the Type 18 was one of the fastest road cars around, and was raced at motorsport events by company founder Ettore Bugatti.

One of the Type 18′s famous owners was French aviation pioneer Roland Garros, who crossed the Mediterranean by air in 1912. Looking for a car fast enough to match his plane, Garros took delivery of a Type 18 in 1913. He chose to name the car after an English racehorse, dubbing the model ‘Black Bess’.

The exterior of this model features painted carbon fibre with gold accents, alongside bespoke alloy wheels. Inside, leather features on most surfaces in different colours, while the car’s red steering wheel is similar to the one used in the original Type 18. Red decorative stitching can also be seen on the seat bolsters, while racing motifs are embossed into the doors.

As with previous models in the series, the new Legends car is based on the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. Powered by an 8.0-litre W16 engine with 1184bhp and peak torque of 1106lb ft, the car is capable of accelerating to 62mph in 2.6 seconds, and on to a top speed of 254mph.

Like other Legends cars, production of the car is expected to be strictly limited to three units, with each costing £1.8 million. Previous models in the Legends series have celebrated Jean Bugatti, Jean-Pierre Wimille, Meo Constantini and Rembrandt Bugatti.

Rumours are still circulating that the final car in the series will honour Czech racer Elisabeth Junek. The wife of privateer racing driver Cenek Junek, Elisabeth was one of the most influential and successful racing drivers in history. She was also the first woman to win a Grand Prix.

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