The secrets of Mercedes’ dominant new F1 engine

The secrets of Mercedes-Benz’s dominant new Formula 1 engine

The pace of Mercedes-Benz’s new-spec Formula 1 powerplant has got rivals worked up, but the manufacturer is simply reaping the benefits of its clever thinking

Word is beginning to leak out about how Mercedes-Benz has managed to produce such a successful Formula 1 car this year.

It is so successful in fact that Red Bull, Ferrari and even the sport’s commercial chief, Bernie Ecclestone, are complaining that the racing is dull, the drivers don’t have enough input, the noise is no good and so on.

The bad news for them is that thanks to Mercedes allowing its driver to race, which Ferrari never did in the Michael Schumacher Era, we have seen a great race in Bahrain, not just at the front but also right down through the field.

So what is the secret? It seems that Mercedes’ engineers at Brixworth and Brackley worked closely together to create a unique approach to the new engine formula. A turbocharger uses the energy from exhaust gases to increase the density of the air going into an engine, thus producing more power.

The pressures and temperatures generated by such systems mean that a large intercooler is generally required to cool the engine intake air after it has been compressed by the turbocharger.

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