Recall Madness Continues: Toyota Recalling More than 6 Million Vehicles Worldwide

Recall Madness Continues: Toyota Recalling More than 6 Million Vehicles Worldwide

These days, you can’t jump out of bed without crawling over another vehicle recall—recent automaker to issue the notices include GM, VW, and Nissan. Today, Toyota recalled 6.4 million cars for various problems with windshield wiper motors, instrument panel brackets, starter relays, seat rails, and airbag cables. Only the latter two problems affect U.S.-market vehicles, which totals more than 1.7 million vehicles and includes eight of 27 recalled models worldwide.

The driver’s frontal airbag may not deploy on about 1.3 million U.S. cars due to a worn cable connecting the airbag module. The cable, which is routed through the steering column, can be damaged when the wheel is turned and therefore cause the airbag to deactivate. A warning light should appear if this happens, Toyota said, and there have been no reported injuries or deaths. The 2009–2010 Corolla, Matrix, and Tacoma; 2008–2010 Highlander; 2006–2008 RAV4; and 2006–2010 Yaris are affected. The badge-engineered Pontiac Vibe, which was built by Toyota, is also among the cars with the problem. In March 2012, Toyota replaced the same cables on nearly a half-million 2005–2009 Tacoma pickups due to vibrations in the steering wheel column.

Separately, Toyota is recalling 472,388 cars to replace seat railings that may not secure the seat in a crash or limit seats’ fore and aft movement. The 2006–2010 Yaris hatchback, 2007–2010 Yaris sedan, and 2008–2010 Scion xD are affected (including some of the same Yaris models with airbag problems). If the springs in the rails break, the driver’s seat (plus the passenger’s seat in three-door models) won’t lock in place or the seats may not be able to move backward. According to a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Toyota upgraded the springs in April 2010 after receiving a report of a broken spring in Japan in 2008. Toyota said at the time that four- and five-door models wouldn’t need new springs since their “seat adjustment frequency is low.” No injuries have been reported, and the issue will be dealt with by replacing the seat-track assembly at no charge.

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Recall letters haven’t been mailed yet and dealers are not yet prepared for either recall, Toyota said. Owners can call 1-800-331-4331 or visit for more information.

Last month, Toyota recalled 119,140 2003–2004 Avalon sedans for airbags that could accidentally deploy, an expansion of a January 2013 recall that included 752,000 Corolla and Matrix models from the same model years. Toyota recalled more than 2.1 million cars worldwide in February for hybrid systems and safety systems like ABS that could shut down while driving. In October 2013, faulty airbags forced Toyota to recall another 803,000 cars in the U.S. In August, due to a supplier defect that spread across six automakers, Toyota recalled about 170,000 2001–2003 cars in the U.S. for airbag inflators that could rupture and cause excessive injuries.

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