Land Rover reveals ‘see-through’ bonnet for Discovery Vision

Land Rover plans see-through bonnet for new Discovery Vision concept

High-tech augmented-reality system to feature on new Land Rover concept car, which previews the firm’s new Discovery family

The new Land Rover Discovery Vision concept will mark the debut of Land Rover’s radical ‘see-through bonnet’, which uses augmented reality technology to give the driver a view of what is underneath and in front of the car.

This innovation could make driving off road easier because the driver can not only see the terrain ahead but can also track the position of the front wheels.

The key is a new type of ‘smart’ windscreen, which can display a full-width computer-generated image, delivered by cameras mounted in the car’s grille. This is a big leap from today’s head-up displays, which are restricted to a tiny portion of the driver’s field of view.

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