Watch VW’s touching tribute to the Type 2 Kombi

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Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi Best Wishes

Volkswagen Kombi VideoFrom the time a vehicle first enters a family, stories will be told about it. People talk about their road trips, or a special bumper sticker or some random memory that their vehicle was involved in. As the years go on, the memories and stories that people have with their cars grows, and eventually, it turns into a cult following. Spend enough time traipsing around the world’s roads, and the stories and memories turn a vehicle into an icon.

That’s what’s happened with the legendary Volkswagen Type 2. Known as the Kombi, Transporter, Bus, MicroBus and Camper Van, after 63 years on sale it’s the second most iconic VW to ever travel the roads, surpassed only by the legendary air-cooled Beetle.

Yes, 63 years. The Type 2 has, remarkably, been built in one form or another since 1949. It won’t see a sixty-fourth year, though, as VW pulled the plug in 2013. To celebrate the legendary van’s long life, VW’s Brazilian outfit, which built the very last Kombis, has put together this heartfelt tribute video.

You’ll want to scroll down and watch this. As for us, we’re going to go figure out why it’s so damn dusty in here.

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