BMW 7-series Horse Edition Celebrates China’s Year of the Equine [2014 Beijing Auto Show]

BMW 7-series Horse Edition

In case you forgot, 2012 was China’s Year of the Dragon, meaning seemingly every car at that year’s Beijing auto show was some kind of Dragon edition. Fast forward to 2014, and it’s the Year of the Horse. Sure, it’s less exciting-sounding, but that hasn’t stopped BMW from being first to the China Special Edition bandwagon with the 7-series Horse edition.

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Perhaps because 2014 is the Year of the Recall here in the U.S., BMW’s keeping the Horsey 7 in China. (No word on whether the automaker will release a Recall edition here, but we’re guessing it won’t.) Anyway, the special-edition 7-series is available with a host of BMW Individual paint colors, and it comes with unspecified “M equipment packages” that include M wheels and trim. Inside, there are symbols we assume have something to do with equestrians embroidered into the front headrests.

Look for more Horse editions from other manufacturers to debut at next weekend’s Beijing auto show—they’ve got an entire year to fill with special-edition rides.
BMW 7 Series Horse edition

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