Zodiac Tippers On the Loose! Smart Cars Targeted in San Francisco!

Smart vandalization

California’s infamous Zodiac serial killer—who terrorized northern California from the late-60s to the mid-1970s—has never been caught. Terrifying? You bet, and now the city faces yet another haunting mystery: A roaming group of serial Smart-tippers. According to a KRON 4 local news report, three Smarts have been tipped either onto their rear bumpers, sides, or roofs, and we can only imagine the fear the city’s residents must be living in.

Okay, so the “readjustment” of a few parked minicars probably isn’t as horrifying as a cryptic serial murderer whose whereabouts are still unknown, but it likely still is of great importance to the city’s many Smart owners. Also unlike the string of unsolved, random Zodiac killings, the Smart-tipping situation is seriously a little bit funny.

We’re not sure how it took bored teenagers—a witness indicates that a group of eight hooded figures was responsible, and we can safely assume it wasn’t a gaggle of AARP cardholders—this long to figure out that a tiny, short-wheelbase car with 55 percent of its meager curb weight positioned over the rear axle is easy to tip over, but a small part of us is kind of glad they did.

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Despite its small size, the Smart Fortwo is neither particularly fuel efficient nor enjoyable to drive, so tipping it over seems like the most fun use of a one we’ve seen yet. We, of course, do not condone property damage, but it looks like Gen Y–bashers can stuff it for once: Shirking their worthless hangers-on image, a roaming band of young people used a famous Midwestern pastime to add interest to an unexciting vehicle.

That said, it reportedly took eight people to tip a Fortwo? Really? We think it would require three and a half, max. Be smart, vandals. Be smart.

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