Land Rover Freelander set to become a Tata

Land Rover Freelander set to become a Tata

A new Tata will be born out of the current Freelander when it is replaced later this year

The current Land Rover Freelander is set to live on as the basis for a new Tata SUV, when the outgoing SUV is replaced later this year.

When production of the current Freelander ends by the end of 2014 to make way for a new model in the Discovery family, some of its tooling will be shipped to India and its L359 platform used to underpin a new Tata SUV, according to Autocar’s sister publication Autocar India.

The Economic Times of India reports that a team of 45 engineers are already working on the new SUV, with a targeted launch date of 2016. Around half of the current Freelander is set to be changed for the Tata SUV, and the new model will be built to meet Jaguar Land Rover’s quality standards.

The new SUV is codenamed Q5. It is set to be a five-seater with a seven-seat option, and be priced at around £20,000.

That’s around double the price of the firm’s slow-selling current range-topping crossover, the Aria, with the Q5 marking Tata’s first entry into the premium market. It’s also the first example of platform sharing between Tata and JLR since the former bought the latter from Ford six years ago.

A JLR spokesman said the firm did not comment on future products when contacted by Autocar.

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