New Audi TT’s tech secrets revealed

New Audi TT's tech secrets revealed

The complex composite construction of Audi’s new coupé means it is lighter and stronger than ever, and promises to be better to drive, too

The new Audi TT features a completely rethought construction, which mixes steel and aluminium in a new and more cost-effective way, which results in a car that is 50kg lighter than before as well as one that is 23 per cent torsionally stiffer.

The body, including doors, now weighs 276kg, and in 2.0 TFSI form the new TT weighs just 1230kg overall.

The Mk2 TT pioneered hybrid steel and aluminium construction uses lightweight aluminium (in pressed, cast and extruded forms) for the entire front section of the car’s structure, with pressed steel employed for the rear bulkhead and rear structure behind the seats.

The architecture of the new model takes a much more pragmatic approach to hybrid construction by making use of the Volkswagen Group’s pressed steel MQB platform, albeit with the shortest wheelbase yet of any MQB-based model, at 2505mm.

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