San Francisco sees spate of Smart tipping [w/video]

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Smart Tipping

Among the ten commandments of the car guy, near the top is “Thou shalt not mess with thy neighbor’s vehicle, regardless of how awful it may be.” That said, we can’t help but giggle every time we look at the image above.

Apparently, some delinquents in San Francisco, bereft of bovines to tip, have taken to tipping Smart ForTwos, like some absurd, real-life version of the tractor-tipping scene from Cars. Witnesses told KRON-4 in San Francisco that eight people, wearing hoods, were responsible for tipping three Smarts. While the vehicle above was tipped on its rear hatch, the other two were tipped on their side and roof, respectively.

“All of a sudden I just see eight hooded figures walk up to the car,” witness Brandon Michael told KRON. “I thought it looked like they were up to no good. And then sure enough they walk up to this smart car right here, all huddle around it, and then lift it up and set it on its hind legs.”

As of right now, the suspects are still on the loose. Take a look below for the full new report from KRON 4.

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