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With giant sinkholes swallowing up classic Corvettes, one more than 50 years old, the world almost sounds like it’s heading back to prehistoric times.

Will a pterodactyls next come swooping down out of an angry gunmetal grey sky?

No, we are definitely not in prehistory. A look at emerging automotive technologies is all one needs to confirm the future is now. Here’s a look at tech trends you’ll see on the auto show floor:

In-car connectivity
Chevrolet announced it would bring 4G LTE technology to most of the vehicles in its stables, from Corvette to Silverado pickups to the diminutive Spark. The vehicle in question becomes a Wi-Fi hot spot. Up to seven devices can connect so the kids in the back seats can do their own thing. The same technology will come to Cadillac’s CUE system and will include a new Text-to-Voice feature which reads incoming texts on your smartphone through the car’s speakers. The aim of all these technologies is to satisfy consumer demand to stay connected while on the road but to “… help keep phones in pockets and hands on the wheel.” (Source: So many apps, so little time.

Smart mirrors
Nissan is equipping its NISMO race cars, specifically the ZEOD RC that will compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with its new Smart rear-view mirror. This mirror will allow the driver to switch from the traditional rear view to the world’s first LCD rear-view mirror monitor. The monitor, built into the structure of the rear-view mirror, is connected to a high-resolution camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle, giving the driver an unobstructed view of the rear flanks, blind spots and other traffic conditions. Wondering if Mom really does have eyes in the back of her head? Wonder no more.

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