Renault opens up revised Mégane Coupé-Cabriolet

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2015 Renault Mégane CC

Go back a decade or so and you’d find showrooms full of hardtop convertibles. There was the Pontiac G6, Chrysler Sebring, Volkswagen Eos, Volvo C70, Cadillac XLR, Lexus SC430 and so many more. Though there still are some on the market, by and large the trend has abated. Heck, even Mercedes-Benz, which (with apologies to Mitsubishi) almost singlehandedly brought the trend to the forefront with the original SLK, is preparing drop the folding hardtop from the next SL after three generations with. Nobody seems to have told Renault, though.

The French automaker has been making a Coup

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