RAC ‘black box’ deal could lead to surge in telematics tech in cars

Millions more to be offered black box telematics with new RAC deal

Big telematics deal with RAC means its members will be offered lower insurance costs in exchange for black box monitoring devices. Market could double by 2015

An extra four million cars could be fitted with black box insurance units due to a new joint venture partnership between the RAC and Quindell, which owns the telematics brand Ingenie.

The RAC will be offering new black box units to its 2.5 million members as part of the new agreement, which Ingenie says is the largest of its kind in history. It will also mark the first time black box units will be available for drivers over 25.

Traditionally, black box telematics units have only been offered to young drivers as a way of lowering insurance premiums. Ingenie says that the average starting policy of £3100 for young drivers can be cut down to around £1700 if the driver agrees to fitting a black box in their car.

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