2015 BMW i8 Prototype Drive: Quick, Sexy, and Brimming with Tech

Some cars defy easy classification. BMW has referred to its i8 as “the most progressive sports car of our time,” extending “sustainability to a new vehicle segment.” BMW North America CEO Ludwig Willisch has said that the i8 “will compete with supercars with its looks and driving performance.” At the same time, BMW claims that this plug-in hybrid will be able to drive as far as 22 miles on electric power alone and will achieve about 95 mpg—at least on the European test cycle, which provides an advantage to the electric side of the ledger (as does the EPA test). Our admittedly spitballed estimates—there really isn’t a commensurate plug-in for which we have data—for real-world combined-system driving are 40 mpg city and 45 mpg highway. READ MORE ››

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