Short drivers struggle to find cars they can see out of

Car for small drivers: Honda AccordShort drivers are finding it harder than ever before to find cars that they can see out of properly, a survey found.

The global population is getting taller on average every year, and short people are struggling as car manufacturers try and keep up by designing their cars for bigger people. Over recent years the height of side windows and windscreens has increased proportionally to seats in cars.

Warren Clarke, of, who carried out the report, said: “This can give the vehicle a more assertive look, but it does little to improve sight lines, and can even make a vehicle feel claustrophobic for smaller drivers. As a result, short car shoppers making such a big purchase might have trouble getting comfortable with a lot of the new car choices available on the market.”

The report by also found out which cars are most suited to diminutive drivers. They are the:

BMW 3 Series
Honda Accord (pictured above)
Honda CR-V
Kia Soul
Lexus LS 460
Mazda 3
Mercedes-Benz S-Class
Subaru Forester
Toyota Sienna
Volkswagen Passat

Most automobiles have height-adjustable seats and steering wheels which can be helpful for short drivers. Some also have adjustable pedals to help drivers with shorter legs.

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