Geneva motor show report and gallery

Geneva motor show report and gallery

Small cars such as the new Renault Twingo were the focus of the 2014 Geneva motor show, although the supercars, including the new Lamborghini Huracán, didn’t fail to draw the crowds

For most at the Geneva motor show this year, it was all about the energy and exuberance of very small cars.

Of course, we did have the first outing for McLaren’s excellent 650S, plus the usual Lambo-Koenigsegg-Gumpert-Pagani set that express themselves best at Geneva because the show isn’t ‘owned’ by anyone.

Ferrari also caught plenty of attention with the new California (styled, it seemed to me, to be unrecognisable as new unless the old one was standing by). And Maserati surprised with its beautiful Alfieri concept coupé, which just turned up on the day. The marque’s UK connections knew ‘something’ was coming, but that was all.

No, the big stuff of Geneva 2014 was small, as it were. Toyota and PSA evidently enjoy their A-segment cooperative deal enough to want to continue the Aygo-C1-108 project with an all-new car.

What made that interesting (beside the fact that the cars have gained only height – they’re shorter and no heavier) was that the Toyota looked by far the funkiest, evidently at the direction of Akio Toyoda.

Citroën could have been expected to take a lead on funk-factor but its designers were rather monopolised by the extra-quirky Cactus small people carrier, while

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