Honda concept previews new race-bred Civic Type R

Honda concept previews new race-bred Civic Type R

New performance Civic previewed with Geneva concept, which gets race-derived aerodynamics and a rumoured 300bhp

The new Honda Civic Type R concept has been revealed at the Geneva motor show. The concept, as significant in its importance as it is dramatic in appearance, closely previews a production model that is just a year away from showrooms.

The car’s extreme appearance bears out Honda’s claim that the Type R is not so much a hot version of a standard Civic as a road-legal version of a racing car.

It is more than 30mm lower than a standard Civic and distinguished by bulging wheelarches, a massive front spoiler and perhaps the most distinctive rear wing ever to see service on the back of the hatchback. Only the roof, front doors and unadorned rear tailgate are shared with a regular Civic hatch.

The Type R concept has been put together over the past six months by a team of just three people in Honda’s Swindon design centre, led 
by senior project designer Masaru Hasegawa.

“This is the most extreme Type R yet,” he said, “and the same will be said of the production version. Its styling is as much inspired by our new World Touring Car competitor as it is based on a basic Civic.”

Hasegawa pointed out that the car’s menacing shape has as much to do with aerodynamic optimisation as any styling consideration.

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