BMW i8 Intenders: Don’t Forget to Buy This Fitted, Extra-Pricey Carbon-Fiber Louis Vuitton Luggage

BMW's i8 Now Has Its Own Bespoke Louis Vuitton Luggage

What is true luxury? For some, it’s that which isn’t easily attained, like an ancestral property with a 250-year old oak tree just outside the window; the free time to relax on a porch, favorite beverage in hand; or a timepiece inherited from your grandfather. For others, the term is defined by brands that peddle mass-produced goods available to anyone who can afford them. These items aren’t an especially strong statement of individuality, but they do easily classify one as a high-income individual. Commodities produced by the luggage and accessory maker Louis Vuitton certainly fall into this category.

In a way, this approach corresponds to modern-day luxury cars. Unlike, say, a classic Bentley, Lamborghini, or even BMW, they don’t require either the disposition to suffer the occasional mechanical hiccup nor an elevated level of driving skill. It is fitting, perhaps, that BMW has announced a tailor-made luggage set by Louis Vuitton for its plug-in hybrid i8 sports car.

Designed to make the most of the i8′s limited luggage space, Louis Vuitton has designed four different bags to fit onto the its trunk, rear shelf, and rear seats. They are made of a carbon-fiber textile—a nod to the eco-friendly BMW’s carbon-fiber structure. Says chief designer Adrian van Hooydonk: “BMW and Louis Vuitton share both a profound appreciation of tradition and a commitment to constant further development.”

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At a lofty $135,000 or so, the i8 won’t be available to everyone, and the Louis Vuitton luggage—”available upon request in a selection of Louis Vuitton stores worldwide”—will set customers back many more thousands of dollars. At least the investment can be spread out: The bags will be available starting April 1, many months before the i8 will be rolled out at dealerships. Status-seekers, it’s time to swipe those credit cards.

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