Jeff Gordon punks unsuspecting autojournalist

Our buddies over at automotive blog Jalopnik can sometimes be too arrogant for their own good, but this time, their attitude has come back to kick them in the pants.

About a year ago when NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon went undercover and teamed up with Pepsi to prank an unsuspecting car salesman with a wild test drive, Jalopnik writer Travis Okulski snarkily accused the prank of being fake. The video went viral.

Well, not to have their thunder stolen, Pepsi and Jeff Gordon went undercover again to prove their stunt wasn’t fake to the man who accused them in the first place.

We think Travis Okulski may have learned his lesson, because, as you’ll see in the video below, he may have had to change his pants when it was all over.

[Note: I can't get over how HUGE Travis' mouth looks in the video cover image]

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