VW’s T-ROC Concept Isn’t an ‘80s Camaro, But Is Ready T’Rock Off-Road [2014 Geneva auto show]

Volkswagen T-ROC Concept

Volkswagen’s lineup of crossover and SUV concepts has gotten quite crowded in recent years, despite spawning precisely zero production models—although that soon will change. Properties such as the CrossBlue—two iterations, no less—Cross Coupé, Cross Coupé TDI hybrid, and two Taigun concepts are now joined by the T-ROC you see here, destined for debut at the 2014 Geneva auto show. Will it see the inside of a VW showroom? Likely not, but it supposedly indicates—beyond the gaggle of previously listed concept cars—the future design direction for Volkswagen’s SUVs and crossovers.  READ MORE ››

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