McLaren promises plenty of speed in Geneva-bound 650S

McLaren has detailed performance specs for the latest 650S, and needless to say, it’s very fast.

How fast is very fast? McLaren says the 650S can sprint from zero to 100 km/h in three seconds flat. Keep the throttle matted and 200 km/h appears in 8.4 seconds, while the 650S clocks 10.4 seconds at 224 km/h on the standing quarter-mile. Eventually, the McLaren 650S will top out at 333 km/h. Putting those figures into perspective, the 650S is about a full second faster than both the 12C and the F1 in the rest-to-200 km/h sprint.

Not only is the 650S fast, but McLaren has also reworked nearly every aspect of the car, including aerodynamics, handling, high-speed stability and even steering turn-in thanks to improved downforce levels. Lightweight alloy wheels and Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires are standard fare, along with a set of carbon ceramic brakes at each corner.

You know the McLaren 650S' cabin means business when it's all carbon fibre and Alcantara.

You know the McLaren 650S’ cabin means business when it’s all carbon fibre and Alcantara.
Handout, McLaren

Because the high-speed shenanigans eventually have to come to an end, those carbon ceramic brakes help the 650S stop in 30.5 metres from 100 km/h, 123 metres from 200 km/h and 271 metres from 300 km/h.

McLaren might bill the 650S as a car that happens to be “faster than stripped-out road racers”, but also as a “no compromise” car with the requisite infotainment bits like navigation and a stereo. Still, the car’s main focus is performance, as justified by the interior surfaces coated in Alcantara and carbon fibre seats borrowed from the P1.

The McLaren 650S will debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Keep an eye on Driving for the latest news when the show kicks off on March 4.

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