Autoblog’s Sharon Carty and Other AOLers Take Offense in Mommy Blogger Reference

Hell hath no fury like “professional journalists” scorned or…satirized. A post that was meant to be all about John Neff's retirement from and his successor, Sharon Silke Carty, turned ugly when the AB's new EIC took offense to my satirical/lighthearted title “ Loses John Neff, Gains a Mommy Blogger at its Helm – Chillax; We Just Kid About the Latter…” which was based on her own Twitter profile.

Do note that, the last part in the title was included in the original post. However, Carty and her comrades from AOL, along with a couple unidentified commentators pulled their worded guns and fired calling me a “sexists” first, and then “disrespectful” and a “nobody” who writes at a site no one has ever heard about. I'll get to that later on.

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