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China Pollution Paradox

Peak Car is the theory that one day soon, the global auto industry will reach its sales maximum and numbers will only decrease from then on. Increase in the number of city dwellers, concerns over pollution and crippling gridlock (all of which are conveniently shown above, in Beijing) could all contribute to the auto industry reaching peak car.

To us, peak car is intriguing, if only because it forces us to think about the future of mobility if and when the car falls out of favor. Will connected and autonomous cars take over, will there be a rush on public transit or will there be something else we haven’t thought of yet? Bloomberg does a great job of exploring those various options, while also looking at what impact the increasing number of cars has on areas around the world.

Hop over to Bloomberg and have a look, and then come back here and let us know what you think of the story by posting in Comments.

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