2014 BMW X1 xDrive35i Tested: Old-School BMW in a New-School Package

2014 BMW X1 xDrive35i

Anyone who’s paid attention to our coverage of the latest BMWs is familiar with the company’s steady march toward the future—and somewhat away from the core values that have traditionally drawn enthusiasts to the brand. The focus on pure driving pleasure that once universally defined BMW has ebbed against the onslaught of tech-overloaded interiors, adaptive suspensions, electric power steering, and porky curb weights. Enthusiasts fret over the passing of great BMWs such as the E39 5-series, E38 7-series, and E90 3-series, yet the magic of those cars lives on in one of the oldest designs sold by the Bavarian automaker today, the all-wheel-drive X1 xDrive35i tested here. READ MORE ››

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