Next Ford Focus RS May Pack Mustang Four-Cylinder, Still May Never Show Up in U.S.

We like Ford’s fastest Focus so much that we’ve got a red ST in our long-term fleet. But that 252-hp hot hatch is more like the mild appetizer to what we really want to drive: a U.S.-spec Focus RS. With the refreshed 2015 Focus revealed before its full debut at the Geneva auto show next week, the RS rumor mill is back in full effect. The latest report from Swedish magazine Auto Motor & Sport—pointed out to us by the crew at Jalopnik—suggests a new Focus RS will go on sale next year with the 2015 Mustang’s 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, which is good for at least 305 horsepower.

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We’ve been pestering Ford to import the Focus RS since it debuted in 2002—that’s 12 years of pain and suffering—and even with the One Ford plan, Dearborn hasn’t budged. There’s still no indication that any Focus with 300 or more horsepower will ever make it to the U.S., especially considering Ford execs are concerned that no one would buy a $35,000 Focus over a base Mustang. We’d argue there’s plenty of people—STI and Evo enthusiasts, for starters—who wouldn’t touch a Mustang no matter what engine it had.

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