Rinspeed XchangE Concept: Assume the Position—All 20 of Them [2014 Geneva Auto Show]

Rinspeed XchangE concept

There are two things you need to know immediately about the Rinspeed XchangE electric sedan: It includes an electric watch winder the manufacturer calls “crazy, playful, but somehow also ingenious and wickedly expensive,” and its interior offers up to 20 different possible seating positions, a self-professed world record. We’re not talking 20 different seating adjustments, but 20 different places to sit! With show-stopping features like that, it would be easy to overlook the sedan’s blue and gray textile interior designed of textiles intended to create a maritime flair, or the 358 individually controlled LEDs that dot the “Endlighten” headliner, not to mention the additional 98 LEDs in the instrument panel. READ MORE ››

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