F1: Fernando Alonso plays football against former star Diego Maradona

A day of several physical activities was organised Monday by Santander for Ferrari driver, Fernando Alonso in Dubai.

Alonso began the day with some cross training, based on the military style programme, which involved jumping in and out of tires as quickly as possible. It’s an exercise that works on reflexes and muscle tone.

Fernando Alonso with Diego Maradona and Michel Salgado.

Fernando Alonso with Diego Maradona and Michel Salgado. (Photo: Ferrari)

Later, Alonso raced karts before he climbed on his bicycle, his favorite pastime and his main fitness tools in between races and during the winter.

The day of training came to an end at the Dubai Football Academy, with another sport that Fernando, along with millions of others, loves, namely football.

He took part in a game between two teams that also included former Real Madrid player Michel Salgado and no other than Diego Armando Maradona.

On this occasion, Alonso had to bow to the Golden Boy, but only by a score of 5-4, says the Ferrari web site.

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