Rad Ride-On: Small Adults and Children, Your Mario Kart Fantasies Can Now Be Real

Jakks Pacific Super Mario Kart ride-on

Most everyone between the ages of six and 40 have played some version of Nintendo’s classic Mario Kart video games. The gameplay has been tweaked over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our collective yearning for a real-life Mario Kart. There have been various life-size Karts created over the years, but never has one been so attainable. As the fine folks over at Road & Track reported (via Toynews), Jakks Pacific will release a Super Mario Kart ride-on for kids (or limber/small adults) who weigh up to 70 pounds. We’re pretty sure that figure can be fudged a bit. 

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The Kart goes on sale this year at an MSRP of $199.99. Toynews says it will be available in the U.K., but since we found ostensible U.S. pricing, we figure it’ll be stateside in no time. The Kart will come with on- and off-road tires, a functioning horn, and Mario Kart 7 video-game noises. (Now stop making those noises as we dice through traffic in real cars!)

Don’t expect face-melting performance, though, as the Mario Kart ride-on is more or less a standard six-volt little-person-mobile, and it doesn’t shoot stuff or come with Koopa shells. But nothing prevents riders from donning some stylish overalls and a big-ass mustache.

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