Video: Initial D Legend 1: Awaken trailer released

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Initial D Movie

The Japanese manga series Initial D might be as responsible for making drifting popular in the US as any other source. Even if you’ve never seen it, you’re likely familiar with the black-and-white Toyota Corolla AE86 as the show’s hero car.

Initial D launched in US in comic and animated form in 2002 after debuting in Japan in 1995, and its popularity was accelerated by a long-running series of video games in arcades and home consoles. A live-action film brought the series to the big screen nine years ago, and since then, the comic has come to an end, and the fifth season of the TV series finished in 2013.

Its creators evidently think its time for a reboot.

A new animated film Legend 1: Awaken will launch in Japan on August 25, but it isn’t known whether it will make it to the US. If searching YouTube is any indication, however, it probably won’t take it long for it to start streaming. Scroll down to check out the trailer and a teaser released last November.

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