Video: Nokian concept winter tires get studly on demand

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Nokian extendable studs

Studded snow tires are a rarity in the US today. Many drivers opt for all-season tires for the entire winter, and those that don’t generally buy studless snow tires. In many states, studded tires are only permitted during a specific period of the year or even only when the road is snow-covered because they cause added wear to bare roads. But Finnish tiremaker Nokian thinks it has created the perfect solution.

Nokian has created a concept tire with electrically extendable studs that are controlled inside the vehicle. It’s based on the tread pattern and structure of Nokian’s Hakkapeliitta 8 SUV studded winter tire. At the press of a button, the studs on all four tires raise or lower. This gives drivers the extra traction of studded snow tires when needed but, retracts back into the tire to save the added wear on the road.

The company thinks that it may be able to have these tires on the road one day, and it would give more drivers the option to have the extra snow-plowing traction of studs when necessary. Scroll down to see them in action on a Porsche Cayenne and read the press release.

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