Honda Jazz hybrid first drive review

Honda Jazz first drive review

Like the old Jazz, only more so – which is no bad thing at all

Such is the esteem in which the European market is held that this Honda Jazz won’t find its way into a UK showroom until some unspecified time in 2015 despite already being unveiled out here in its native Japan, albeit badged as ever in this part of the world as a Honda Fit.Yet if you liked the old Jazz you may consider waiting because you’re going to love this new one. And if it wasn’t your slice of cake then, it’s unlikely its replacement is going to do much to sway your opinion.For although it’s an entirely new car with a new platform some 50mm longer in the wheelbase and new powertrains, the philosophy behind it is entirely unchanged, and with almost five million cars sold in its last dozen years in the market, you can appreciate why Honda is loathe to vary the formula. This is a car for practically minded people who want a car of Fiesta dimensions on the outside and better than Focus space within. If you’re looking to make a style statement, you’ve banged on the wrong door.

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