Hyundai Wants to Make a Twin-Charged 1.8-Liter Compression-Ignition Gasoline Engine

There really is nothing not to like or agree with, when it comes to Hyundai’s newly announced 1.8-liter GDCI (Gasoline Direct Injection Compression) engine.

It blends the working principles of both the Otto and Diesel engines for a resulting high performance power plant that uses a 14.8:1 compression ratio as well as both a turbo- and a supercharger, but no spark plugs.

It uses the higher heat generated by the atypically large compression ratio to ignite fuel that is injected into a specially-shaped recess at the top of each cylinder.

The claims made about this new engine are that it could achieve 25 percent better fuel efficiency than a regular one, while also running on cheaper 87 octane grade fuel.

When it comes to the expected driving characteristics, this engine would rev to under 5,000 rpm, just like a regular diesel, and would probably get very similar gear ratios in order to make the most of the available power or torque. The sound it makes is reportedly very similar too, and it’s not surprising, as the clatter associated with diesels can now be found in the very latest modern direct-injected petrol engines’ tractor-like idle.

They plan to start testing it out next year, but it will be some time before it finds its way into production.

By Andrei Nedelea


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