The Most Expensive Lamborghini, Veneno Roadster

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Front

When earlier
this year Lamborghini announced to release Veneno Roadster, it soon became the
talk of the town. The main reason it got so much attention was its price tag of
over $4 million and its extraordinary design that left everyone dazzled. Lamborghini is a brand name with which every car
enthusiast is familiar. All the Lamborghini models stood toe to toe with the
super cars of their times, but Lamborghini Veneno is something special.
Lamborghini Veneno was showcased at 2013 Geneva motor show along with another
spectacular super car, Ferrari F70.

Name, Price and Number of Units to Be Produced:

Veneno, the most expensive Lamborghinito date, gets its name from an
incredibly strong, aggressive and ruthless fighting bull. Company initially announced
that only three units of this stylish car will be produced and despite a
staggering price tag of €3 million ($4 million) all three units were sold even
before the reveal. But according to reports, Lamborghini will now produce 6
more of these, during the course of 2014. Veneno is a super car of dreams and
has been equipped with the cutting edge road legal specs and features.

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Back

Design and Shape:

Before the car came on the scene many
experts speculated that its design will be similar to that of Aventador, but
that is certainly not the case. The car’s front has a large wing that helps to
improve the aerodynamics of Veneno. Another unique feature of Veneno’s design is
Y shaped angular headlamps that run into fenders as well as scissor doors and
endow the car with a classy outlook. It also has a diffuser that hides the four
exhaust pipes at the rear of the car.

Veneno’s Engine and Other Specs:

The technical specs of Veneno’s engine
are quite impressive. It has a 6.5 L V12 engine that is capable of producing
750 horsepower. It can reach a top speed of 221 mph. In kilometers it comes out
to be approximately 355 Km/hr. Veneno is incredibly quick off the tracks too.
It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds. It also has an efficient seven
speed automated manual transmission. The exterior of the car is made from
carbon fiber. Grey metallic color of Veneno goes really well with the carbon
fiber body.

The use of carbon fiber is quite
visible on the car’s interior. In fact the entire cockpit is made from woven
carbon fiber. This special carbon fiber material is soaked in resin that provides
stability to the fiber structure. This new Lamborghini’s cockpit also houses
two lightweight bucket seats that definitely make for a really comfortable
ride. The redesigned instrument panel of the car is quite impressive too. The
panel of this most expensive Lamborghini is quite different compared to
those of its predecessors i.e. Marchelago and Aventador. G meter is a really
good addition to the car’s interior. What this meter does is that it provides
all the useful info to the driver, which will allow him more control over the
car. In all, everything about Veneno (from designing to the interior) symbolizes
aggressive and hippy styling. To say the least Veneno exemplifies the traditions
of Italian car manufacturers.

Through use of carbon fiber and
careful designing, engineers at Lamborghini have ensured that Veneno is
made as light weight as possible. Dry weight of this car is just 1450 Kg and
the amazing thing is that it is 125 Kg lighter than its lean and lightweight
predecessor i.e. Lamborghini Aventador. It also has a reasonable power to
weight ratio of 1.93 Kg/hp. This car is a perfect amalgam of panache, flare and
vitality. There is no doubt that those guys are extremely lucky who have been
able to get their hands on one of the three units of Veneno.

Most Expensive Lamborghini

Driving the Most Expensive Lamborghini:

Veneno is a high performance super car
whose features are no less than mind boggling. Great aerodynamic design, fast
acceleration and brilliant graphical interior are some of the things that make
this car an absolute delight and a darling of super car lovers. Veneno is an
all wheel drive car whose suspension system is no less impressive. Suspension
system can be adjusted to meet the requirements of specific car driving modes.

Looking at its specs and functionality,
it will most certainly do great on the track. In fact its true performance will
come to light on a race track rather than on street. It can also be predicted
that Veneno will not be a street friendly super car. However, we will have to
wait till the time Lamborghini or guys at the top gear to test it on a race
track or on the road. To cut the long story short it can be said that this new Lamborghini has adopted the Portie
tradition of charging more for less. Price tag is unbelievable when you do a
cost benefit analysis, but since only three units were announced and all of
them have already been sold, this discussion seems pointless.

Special And Expensive Lamborghini Veneno

What Makes Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Special?

By now, it must have become quite clear that why
Lamborghin Veneno Roadster is such a special car, but here’s a recap.
Lamborghini needed to deliver something special to its audience on its 50th
anniversary and boy did they deliver! The most noticeable thing about Veneno is
its extraordinary design with exaggerated proportions. The price of over $4
million and the fact that there will only be nine Lamborghini Veneno Roadsters
in the whole world makes this car even more desirable and an extremely special

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