Volkswagen Canada issues recall on Tiguan, Jetta Hybrid

Volkswagen Canada will recall 16,235 Tiguan CUVs from 2009-2011 to replace a fuse that can overheat and damage the fuse box, causing a partial loss of exterior vehicle lighting. This could reduce visibility and increase the risk of a crash.

In related news, 318 Jetta Hybrids from 2013 (all equipped with direct-shift gearboxes, or DSG) are being recalled because the interior of the gearbox can corrode due to incompatible gearbox lubricant additives, causing electrical shorts and blowing gearbox fuses. This could result in a loss of propulsion. Dealers will replace the existing gearbox lubricant with an updated formulation.

Source: Transport Canada

Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid 2013

Jetta Hybrid 2013. (Photo: Volkswagen Canada)

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