A buyer’s guide to Peugeot vans

French car brand Peugeot, which was founded in 1810, is one of the biggest names in the motoring industry, and has certainly made its mark in the light commercial vehicle segment. The manufacturer has won its fair share of awards, and continues to be popular among consumers.

However, with four impressive vans available – the Bipper, Partner, Expert and Boxer – making a purchase decision can be difficult. This guide will outline some of the main benefits of each vehicle, to help you pick the LCV that best meets your business and personal needs.

Peugeot Bipper

The Peugeot Bipper is the smallest van in the line, with a 660-kilogram maximum payload and 2.5 cubic metres of load volume – although this increases to 2.8 cubic metres with the Multi-Flex passenger seat folded down. There’s enough floor space for a standard European pallet.

Its length is just 3.8 metres, and it boasts a turning circle of 10.2 metres, making this a fantastic city van. Plus, with a Stop & Start engine, stopping at traffic lights and encountering congestion won’t have as much impact on your fuel bill.

The van was awarded Best Light Van at the Fleet World 2013 Honours, with easy loading and low running costs cited as major drivers behind the win. The vehicle also holds What Van? Van of the Year 2010 and Fleet Van Awards City Van of the Year 2011 titles, showcasing industry-wide acclaim.

Peugeot Partner                                                             

One step up in terms of size is the Peugeot Partner, which comes with a payload up to 850 kilograms and usable volume from 3.3 cubic metres. The van comes with sliding side doors and hinged rear doors for maximal convenience when loading cargo.

A zero-emissions specification is available, with the powerful electric battery ensuring a peaceful drive and running costs of just £1.25 to £2.80 per 100 miles. A full battery provides range of up to 106 miles, and 80 per cent power can be replenished with a DC charger in just 35 minutes.

Plus, with the availability of inexpensive used Peugeot Partner vehicles through dealers like Van Monster, this LCV could be one of the most cost-effective options on the market.

Peugeot Expert

Motorists who require more space could favour the Peugeot Expert, which comes with five to seven cubic metres of load volume and payload ranges from 988 to 1202 kilograms. The length is either 4.805 metres or 5.135 metres depending on the model configuration.

The van is also packed with technology, such as a rear parking alarm, which makes navigating this large vehicle a breeze; a tyre under-inflation detection system, which helps you maintain optimal pressure; and Peugeot Connect with Bluetooth compatibility, so you can stream audio.

Peugeot Boxer                                 

The biggest of the bunch is the Peugeot Boxer, with the largest configuration providing motorists with up to 1.9 kilograms maximum payload, cargo area floor length of four metres, and volume up to 17 cubic metres. Kit yours out with a three-litre HDi four-cylinder engine.

Plus, there are plenty of handy additions that will make business on the go a breeze, including a pop-out desk space, three-person cabin, two glove boxes, and 22-litre overhead alcove (optional). You can even install rear CCTV to make parking and other manoeuvres easier.

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