Chinese Scooter Rider Goes Under Truck, Bursts into Flames

Warning: Some viewers may find the scenes in the video distressing

A woman riding a scooter along an expressway in Foshan city, in the south of China, was caught on CCTV cameras as she clipped the side of a truck and was thrown off as her two wheeled transportation summersaulted before going underneath the big rig and bursting into flames.

The resulting flames were actually quite intense, and the woman’s clothes can clearly be seen catching fire.

Luckily, some green bushes lay just on the side of the road where the crash too place, and with the help of onlookers who rushed to her aid, she was able to roll around in the foliage and shed the ignited garments quickly, ridding herself of danger. She still suffered some burns and was taken to hospital, but we don’t know what their extent was – we guess not life-threatening, otherwise it would have been mentioned outright in the report from ITN.

The dramatic video footage attesting to all of the above can be found after the virtual jump.

By Andrei Nedelea


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