History of the Mercedes S-class – picture special

History of the Mercedes S-class - picture special

With so much buzz surrounding the new Mercedes-Benz S-class flagship, we take a look back at the history of its pioneering luxury saloon

Mercedes-Benz has one aim when it comes to its range-topping S-class – to make the best car in the world.

That’s no mean feat, but as the automotive industry has witnessed time and again over the years, with each new Mercedes S-class variant comes innovative technology never before seen on a car. The S-class has always been a game-changer. So where did it all begin?

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History of the Mercedes S-class

The Mercedes S-class DNA can be traced back to 1951, when at that year’s Frankfurt motor show the German car maker introduced the svelte W187 220 and the W186 300 models. Available in saloon, coupé and cabriolet styles, the 220 was powered by a 2.2-litre six-cylinder overhead cam unit producing 80bhp.

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