Lesson Learned, Opel Insignia Is Not a…Trolley

As it turns out, the Opel Insignia, GM’s mid-size sedan that some of you may know with Vauxhall’s moniker and others with Buick’s as the Regal, doesn’t really fit the bill as a tram, in fact, it’s terrible at it, especially if you put it on the tracks.

We can’t answer any of your questions regarding the camera being at the right place at the right time, nor what was going on inside the head of the Insignia driver when he made a turn and entered what looks like an underpass riding on the raised trolley rails.

He did do well, though, for roughly five seconds before the Insignia fell off the tracks and decided it was not worth the hassle, placing the car in reverse and giving it a… good scratch under the belly.

Watch the video right after the jump.


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