German Rumor Mill Says Porsche 991-Based 911 Speedster Coming in 2015

The Speedster name is even older than the 911 model designation, dating back to the early 1950s, when Porsches were still mechanically related to the VW Beetle. It’s been used over the years on the back of a number of models, the most recent of which being the 997-based 911 Speedster from almost three years ago.

Now, AutoBild tells us that it may be brought back in early 2015, as a limited series model with a unique body similar to that of the 2011 car, based on the latest 991 cabrio. Apparently limited to just 550 units, in this way Porsche will be paying tribute to the original 550 Spyder.

We imagine it’s going to incur the same treatment as before and feature a chopped windscreen, a rudimentary and most likely manual rag top and additional unique touches to set it apart, kind of like the quick Photoshop edit you see here.

Porsche has a wide array of these that it’s been known to use on special models, so we won’t speculate as to which ones it would use here, but the ducktail spoiler would surely look nice on the back of this new 911 Speedster…

By Andrei Nedelea


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