Meet the Nature-Inspired Entries for the 2013 LA Auto Show Design Challenge [62 Photos]

This year’s LA Auto Show Design Challenge is called “Biomimicry & Mobility 2025 – Nature’s Answer to Human Challenges” and it’s an important detail in order to understand why competing projects look the way they do.

The nine competing projects were submitted by world-renowned auto design studios and propose mobility solutions inspired by natural creatures, structures and occurrences.

The only studio with two entries is BMW Group DesignworksUSA. The “L.A. Subways” is a vehicle concept inspired by the efficiency of swarms and the unique power generating processes found within cells aimed at solving L.A.’s daily traffic congestion and decreasing environmental impact. The “S.E.E.D.” (Sustainable Efficient Exploratory Device) uses the maple seed as its main inspiration and is aimed at “exploring the world’s harshest environments in search for new life forms and inspiration”.

China’s Changfeng Motor Corporation has created the “‘LaBrea’ – Los Angeles Bio Research Project,” which is a system resembling a grasshopper that is capable of running, jumping, climbing, swimming and also squeeze between narrow openings.

Japan’s JAC Motors R&D Center participates with “HEFEI” (Harmonious Eco-Friendly Efficient Infrastructure), a revolutionary mobility solution inspired by the self-sufficiency of the eco-system.

Mazda Design Americas came up with the “AUTO ADAPT”, a vehicle that has the ability to adapt from being fully autonomous to a manual machine.

China’s Qoros Auto entered the competition with the “Silk Road System”, which will allow vehicles to operate harmoniously, actively eliminating accidents.

SAIC Motor designed the Roewe “Mobiliant”, a single-seat vehicle for urban public transit, while Subaru Global Design Team came up with the “SUBAROO”, a one-legged, self-contained, wearable mobility vehicle personal mobility vehicle with a propulsion method that mimics the jumping motions of a kangaroo.

Finally, CALTY Design Research, Toyota Design Network, invented the “e-grus”, an electric hypercommuter that specializes in long distance travel and minimal footprint city driving.

The winning project will be announced during the LA Auto Show on November 21.

By Dan Mihalascu

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