It happened on November 15th: 100 millionth Ford vehicle is built

On November 15th, 1977, Ford built its 100 millionth vehicle in the U.S. at the Mahwah assembly plant in New Jersey. The milestone car was a 1978 Ford Fairmont Sedan, which replaced the outgoing Maverick.

The Fairmont was initially available in several body styles, with a choice of 4- to 8-cylinder engines. The most popular model turned out to be the Fairmont Sporty Coupe with its quadruple headlights. It was renamed Fairmont Futura Sport in 1979.

The Fairmont range ended four years later, just as the 1984 Ford Tempo made its debut.

Sources: Safran Arts and Wikipedia

Ford Fairmont 1978

Ford Fairmont 1978. (Photo: Ford)

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