Drunken Ukrainian Football Star Scores a Crash with His Ferrari California in Turkey

Ah, to be young, rich, famous and successful in the professional world of football. Still, that doesn’t give you a free pass to do anything you want, and if anything, you may want to hold back on the booze, especially when behind the wheel of a car…

Case in point, Ukrainian football (soccer) striker Artem Milevsky, who already has a bad reputation in regards to alcohol abuse, confirmed his addiction and mindless ways by crashing his Ferrari California this week in Turkey.

Police said that the 28-year-old player of Turkish club Gaziantepspor was found to be well over the legal drink-drive alcohol limit. Milevsky’s Ferrari, which he had purchased just last year, suffered extensive damages and will likely be a write-off, but fortunately, the striker came out unscathed.

Check out the recovery videos along with an older clip of Milevsky having some…fun in his BMW X5.


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