Fast&Furious Mazda RX-7 VeilSide FD3S Crashes Into Crowd in Japan Taking Down 5 People

Warning: Some viewers may find the following videos disturbing

We’ve seen these types of accidents with cars crashing into spectators (one) too many times before, all around the world – a few incidents that come to mind include a De Tomaso in Sweden, a monster-truck in Mexico, a Ford Mustang in Britain, a Ferrari 458 in Brazil, and a Koenigsegg CCX in Poland.

This time, it happened in Japan on Sunday, November 10, during a super- and sports car meeting in Miyazaki Prefecture when the driver of a Mazda RX-7-based Hans VeilSide FD3S lost control and plowed into a crowd of spectators injuring five people, including a five-year old child.

Japanese media reported that all five people are well in their health and were simply treated for minor injuries. Police arrested the driver of the car shortly after.

While the “Fast&Furious Tokyo Drift” movie was mentioned in comments and reports from Japan, it was not immediately made clear if this particular actually car took part in the film or if it’s just the same type of model.



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