Spied: BMW 4-Series Wears Fours Doors and Becomes the Gran Coupe

Looks like someone was having his fair share of fun behind the wheel of BMW’s soon to be released 4-Series Gran Coupe (you’ll have to wait or fast-forward the video to the 40 second mark for the track action), which has been filmed again undergoing tests.

You can call it a ‘teen’ 6-Series Gran Coupe or the missing link between the 3-Series range of family-orientated models and the sportier and less practical 4-Series cars, and you’ll be right on both occasions.

To somewhat rationalize its existence, BMW is said to have based the 4-Series Gran Coupe on the 3-Series GT’s extended wheelbase, which at 2,920mm (115 inches) is a substantially longer than that of the 3-Series sedan (2,810mm or 110.6 inches), while the design of the car blends the sleek look of the coupe’s roofline with the practicality of four doors.

From what we hear, BMW will likely mirror the 4-series Gran Coupe’s engine line-up with the two-door model. A presentation is expected next year.

Video courtesy of L’Automobile magazine


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