Study: Audi claims America unfairly pushes electrics over diesels, backed by survey

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Audi TDI Clean Diesel Fleet

Audi, in case you haven’t noticed, is quite committed to diesel technology. It champions oil burners in both the racing world and to consumers, offering American customers a total of five diesel-powered models, which is more than any brand in the US market save for its parent company, Volkswagen. In a bid to prove that diesels aren’t some passing trend and are actually gaining momentum in the US, Audi commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct a poll of 1,600 American drivers, to see how they felt about diesel power. The resulting statistics are rather surprising.

57 percent of the 1,629 drivers surveyed think the government has unfairly favored hybrids and electrics over diesel power
65 percent of drivers support laws being passed to make diesel more accessible, while 66 percent support tax incentives for diesel-powered vehicles
59 percent of drivers, aged 18 to 34, say they’d consider a diesel if fuel prices were on par with gasoline
39 percent of people over 45 say they’d consider a diesel if prices leveled out

The study shines a light on some popular opinions on diesel technology, and shows that, were the circumstances right, the torque-tastic powerplants might be able to enjoy the same degree of popularity in the US that they have in Europe.

Audi of America’s president, Scott Keogh, had this to say:

“Government has set very rigorous standards for future fuel economy, and we believe that clean diesel is perfectly positioned to help us achieve those goals. But, we argue that diesel needs an even playing field set by state and federal governments. Audi believes there are a variety of viable alternative fuel solutions, including electric, but diesel is readily available today. If you take away the disincentives that state and federal taxation policy create, we potentially could see a big uptick in clean diesel vehicles sales.”

Now, we’ll admit, we’re taking these statistics with a grain of salt. While it’s true Audi used a third-party surveyor, the fact remains that these sort of stats are very, very positive, which is a rather convenient outcome. Of course, if these figures are accurate, the prospects for diesel technology in the US seem even better than we’d ever hoped. You can read the entire press release from Audi down below. As always, we’d like to know what you think. Take part in our unofficial poll.

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