European Car Tuner GP is All About the Old Continent

The magazine crew over at MotorTrend recently attended an organized event for modified Euro cars dubbed “European Car magazine’s European Car Tuner GP”. It pitted the entrants against each other in a series of challenges, most of which were about sheer power – for future editions, more (diverse) challenges are planned.

Sporty European models have always been highly sought-after in the United States, right from the very earliest days of motoring, and this trend has maintained over the years, creating a very unique yet strong take on that particular corner of car culture.

The US Euro tuning scene is very strong too, with lots of home-grown shops taking already fast motors and turning the performance dial way further than the manufacturer originally intended.

Many cool highly-customized motors turned up, but for me the most enticing definitely had to be the black and red Mercedes C63 AMG coupe, which looked borderline racecar-esque, with its low stance, light wheels and sizable wing on the back. To my knowledge, not that many people modify their C63 AMGs like that, so it’s refreshing to see one taken as far as this one is.

By Andrei Nedelea


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