Volkswagen Tiguan and Amarok recalled in the UK

Volkswagen recalls Tiguan and Amarok in the UK

VW Group announces recalls of its Tiguan compact SUV and Amarok, alongside another potential recall for up to 30,000 vehicles equipped with its 7-speed DSG DQ200 gearbox

The Volkswagen Tiguan compact SUV has been recalled in the UK over concerns that one of its lighting circuits could fail.

VW Tiguan vehicles built between 2008 and mid-2011 have been recalled to have a fuse replaced. VW says there’s a chance the fuse could trip, which can lead to the failure of one of the Tiguan’s on-board lighting circuits. The failure could lead to a partial loss of lighting on the vehicle.

Globally, Volkswagen’s Tiguan recall affects 800,000 vehicles, including 147,000 units in its home market of Germany.

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