Subaru WRX STI Misses Classic Mini, Hits a Wall

Whenever you bring your car over to a racetrack for any number of quick laps, then you are inherently accepting the dangers and the (increased) risk of something going wrong.

It is not mentioned if YouTube user “koji nakanishi” from Japan had lapped the track with his Subaru WRX STI before the videotaped run, and for all we know, it may have been his first that costly day, but whatever it was, it didn’t exactly go as planned.

The Japanese driver managed to keep his car intact behind a classic Mini Cooper for a whopping 20 seconds before he sent it crashing onto the metal barrier. He says the brakes died on him just before the corner.

A Google translation of his side of the incident reads: “My SUBARU WRX STI had the brake fade then crash during my sports driving at the suportsland SUZUKA ,a small racing circuit..The vehicle is completely from factory, normal bakes….If you like sports driving in the circuit, you must replace the brakes and brake fluid. They all are made for slow driving on the street.”

Slide down to watch the video and tell us if you think his story adds up.


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