Gasoline-Powered Cars Twice as Likely as Diesels to Fail UK’s MOT Emissions Tests, Study Finds

Recent MOT test data from the United Kingdom shows that excess exhaust emissions levels account for more than a quarter (26.2 percent) of all MOT failures. What’s more interesting is that, petrol (gasoline) cars more likely to fail meeting the required emissions standards (9.7 percent) than diesel-engined cars (3.9 percent).

So why is there such a big difference between petrol and diesel cars? “There are a number of possible explanations for the marked difference in MOT emissions failure rates between petrol and diesel cars,” explains Bruce Ellis, research and development manager at Redex, a maker of additive products that evaluated the data that is submitted to the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency (VOSA) by every MOT test facility in the UK.

“These include the different driving cycles that traditionally are undertaken.

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