Crazy Crash from Belarus Proves Horses Understeer Too…

Just when I thought I had seen it all, a traffic accident (let’s call it that) from Belarus reminds me never to say that again. How would you feel if you were waiting patiently at a traffic light when all of a sudden a horse-cart came speeding towards you?

It’s not a very pleasant image, but for a driver from Belarus it was as real as it gets. The cart’s driver (supposedly not very sober) whipped the horse so bad that the poor animal entered the curve too fast and, being a “front-leg drive” vehicle, the cart oversteered.

It’s one of those surreal crashes that you can’t believe it happened even though you saw it with your own eyes – hence the lack of reaction from inside the crashed car fitted with a dash cam. As for the outcome of the crash, the horse was hopefully okay (but I could be wrong) as it jumped over the car, but the two passengers from the cart have probably been thrown in the air from the impact. Scroll down to watch it.

By Dan Mihalascu


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